Vegetables by DIG


We created the Dig Acres Farm Box for anyone who’s ever longed to join a CSA, but felt intimidated by the commitment. Consider it a farm share for beginners. Like a standard CSA, it features a rotating selection of local vegetables that are harvested to order. But, with only four varieties per box, it’s smaller, making it manageable for the time-strapped, the budget-minded, and the space-deprived. 

Each box comes with two recipes for simple vegetable dishes that don’t require fancy ingredients or equipment to prepare. We want to make it easy for you.  Seasonal produce, grown close to home and harvested at its peak, doesn’t need much. With a few basic cooking tips, salt, and olive oil, anyone can fall in love with vegetables.



Chard (Bright Lights)

Kale (Winterbor, Red Russian)

Scallions (Red Beard)

Fennel (Orion)

Artichoke (Imperial Star)

Cucumbers (Diva, Itachi)


Leeks (Megatron)

Sweet Potatoes (Murasaki)

Turnips (Hakurei)

Peppers (Ghost, Scorpion, Aji)

Eggplant (Hansel, Gretel, Fairy Tale, Patio Baby, Comprido)

Lettuce (Breen, Dragoon, Bridger, Newham, Cegolaine)

Melon (Sarah’s Choice, Hannah’s Choice, Orange Sugar, Lilly, Tireno, Snow Leopard)

Tomatoes (Tiger series, Sun Gold, Sunrise, Pink Bumblebee, Purple Bumblebee, Speckled Roman, Costuluto Fiorentino, Tim's Black Ruffles, Lucid Gem, Berk Tie Dye, Cosmic Eclipse, Solar Flare, Dark Queen, Black and Brown Boar, Yellow Radiance)


Available on Foodkick

The Dig Acres Farm Box is for sale on Foodkick, an online grocer that makes same-day deliveries in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island City. This week, the box comes with all our seasonal vegetables and two classic Dig recipes- charred kale and roasted eggplant with summer squash.