Ask a farmer

You asked, he answered. Learn more from Dig Inn's farming expert.

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Q: Will you marry me?

A: {still waiting on response} 

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Would you like a flower farm to go along with your beautiful food?

I would love to eventually get into growing flowers, but right now I'm just dipping my toes in with sunflowers! I studied agriculture policy in college, and while I was in school I WWOOF'd while abroad (if you're not familiar with the program, it's essentially a work exchange where you go around working on farms in exchange for housing and food) and worked on a few community gardens. Turns out I liked the agriculture part more than the policy and after I graduated, I spent a year working as a produce buyer for a restaurant in New York City until I got bored and moved to a farm a friend was working on in Pennsylvania. The rest is dirt, sweat, and tears!

Q: What's your favorite vegetable to grow, also your favorite vegetable to eat?

A: I like growing broccoli because it's a challenge and you have to be patient and you never really know if it will happen until it happens. And when you see a nice plant finally start heading after worrying so long it's the best feeling in the world. But no, my favorite thing to eat is cantaloupe.

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Q: Is it true that Larry uses his own tears to water seedlings?

A: It's mostly sweat, but occasionally tears.

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