Our Story


In 2016, we leased our first farm in Chester, NY. At 12 acres, it was just big enough to get our hands dirty. We started out by growing vegetables that our chefs wanted to cook. And, in the process, we created a place for our team to learn how to farm.

Every March, we planted seeds in the ground and waited to unlock new lessons about vegetables. We ate cardoons for the first time. Friends joined us to pick heirloom tomatoes. We were humbled by beetles. Driven crazy by gophers. The weather forced us into submission, over and over again. We grew eggplant. And, when the eggplant thrived and we harvested so much more than expected, we cooked it every possible way and served it at our restaurants.

Now, three years later, we’re proud to introduce Dig Acres– a small farm where we grow more than 40 different vegetable crops. For the first time, we’re offering our vegetables to you. Our goal is to make eating seasonally at home possible, even when getting to the farmers market is not.  



Running a farm is a community affair. And, we’re fortunate to have farmer Larry Tse at the helm of ours. Larry’s a lot of things– we’ve heard him called ornery, charismatic, idealistic, millennial, and eccentric. According to one article, “he speaks with the cadence of a politician”. He’s also the biggest vegetable nerd we know. His passion for cardoons, extensive knowledge of corn, and fervent belief that no vegetable is imperfect defines the work we do at Dig Acres.




The total pounds of vegetables we’re on track to produce this year.



The number of different crops we’re growing at Dig Acres.


The total pounds of vegetables that we sourced for Dig restaurants in 2018 (23% “imperfect” and 60% local)



Our independent farm partners at Dig (13% woman-owned, 29% family-owned, and 7% minority-owned)